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What's your water problem?    

Here are some very common water concerns. While water's touch taste and smell are indicator's of a problem, water containments simply go undetected. For a comprehensive analysis of your home's water quality, turn to your water specialist at Kentuckiana Water Solutions. 


“Rotten egg” smell?

The presence of hydrogen sulfide in water gives it an unpleasant smell, sometimes even rendering it unusable.


Cloudy water?

Raw water comes into your home with any number of impurities that cause turbidity.


Chlorine taste or smell?

Municipalities use chlorine to disinfect water. However, not only does it taste and smell unappealing but it also has a drying effect on skin and hair.


Musty, earthy, fishy taste or smell?

Caused by algae, molds and bacteria that live in water and can multiply within a home’s plumbing system.


Metallic taste or smell?

Generally caused by metals such as iron and manganese, these substances not only taste and smell bad but can also be harmful to your health.


Hard water?

Calcium and magnesium ions in water create hardness, which is what causes soap scum in tubs and showers and spots on faucets and fixtures. Hard water is also what causes scaling in appliances, which results in less efficiency and costly repairs.