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WaterMax is a patented, comprehensive water treatment system; truly the right water cleaner for our age of conservation- the world's most efficient water treatment system. 

From Hague's computerized solid-state systems Control to their exclusive directional flow screens, only the most advanced manufacturing processes and materials have been used to build WaterMax. We employ the most innovative engineers in the industry and have won 7 U.S. patents ensuring that WaterMax provides years of trouble-free water treatment in you home, which is why it is known throughout the world.


Hague uses high-capacity fine mesh resin, vacuum VIBRAPACKED for maximum treatment of hardness in you water.

Regenerates On Demand, By Calendar Or By Exact Water Usage.

The flexibility of the solid-state Systems Control makes it possible. A low voltage 23 VAC transformer powers the Systems Control and once it is set, no other maintenance is required except the periodic addition of salt or salt substitute. The Systems Control even let's you know if there's a leak in your household plumbing fixtures.

About the Hague WaterMax Control Valve

  • The Hydro-Slide Piston is the only internal moving part and is Tefon encapsulated for years of trouble-free operation. Hague's valve has been tested for over 100,000 cycles with no detectable wear.
  • Built-in Bypass offers convenient single-handle operation
  • Blending Valve is installer-adjusted to precisely match your softness preference.
  • Test Port offers easy access for water testing
  • 1" Valve
  • Valve position is controlled by WaterMax exclusive magnetic technology- no solenoids or switches


What is Absolute Brining?

It's a Hague exclusive feature which adjusts the salt dosage to the exact amount required for each regeneration. It means that the WaterMax never wastes salt or water.

Hague WaterMax Details

  • High flow rate: 13 gpm at 15 psi pressure drop
  • Whole house, self-cleaning filter reduces dirt and sediment to a nominal 20 microns-smaller than the eye can see. No cartridges to change.
  • Regeneration as short as 12 minutes
  • Uses as little as 24 gallons of water per regeneration
  • Removes more than 5,000 grains of hardness per 1 pound of salt or salt substitute.